Day: February 9, 2022

Kiwi Kids News

Kiwi Kids News

Title Twin Elephants Born in Kenya
Summary The first Article I read was about Twin baby elephants born in Kenya. As I have already mentioned Twin baby elephants were born in Kenya, they were first spotted by tour guides out on a safari at the Samburu reserve. These two twin elephants are the second set of twin carves to be seen in the area. The bad news is that they are at a low rate of survival because often mother elephants do not have enough milk to feed both calves which makes it hard for them to survive. I think we should help these twin elephants by giving them more food to eat and keeping them healthy.
Rating, why? I give this Article a 9/10 because I am grateful they wrote this article so that we can make better lives for them.


Title New Zealand to open its borders
Summary Prime minister adern opened the borders to australian BUT only New Zealand citizens, as long as you are fully vaccinated and have a vaccine pass. The announcement was made on February 8th 2022. People who travel will still have to self isolate at home for 10 days.
Rating, why? 4/10 because I still don’t think it’s safe to open the border, I don’t want to risk having more cases of covid 19 and omicron.


My Dream Home

Owning a Mansion near the ocean would be my dream home, with an outdoors pool watching the sunrise by the ocean, listening to the waves hit the rocks. I would have ten bedrooms, downstairs would have five rooms and five upstairs.

The five rooms downstairs would have a lot of space in it, One of them would be an office for me to do work in and the second one would have a lot of video games in it like an arcade. The third room would be an indoor theatre where we can watch movies with a popcorn machine so we could have popcorn as we watch.

The rest of the downstairs room would be guest rooms just in case some family members from overseas can stay over. The Five rooms upstairs would have a kitchen with a snack bar in it. The second one is a room just for sightseeing to enjoy the view and the other three would be master bedrooms.

Each room would have a TV in it and their own bathrooms and if you tried to walk down the stairs there would be an escalator. So there will be stairs and an escalator just in case you get lazy. Next to the mansion will be a family house where all my family members can hangout including the kids and that would be my dream home.