Writing Challenge!

One day Mr. Goodwin travels to Samoa because he wants a nice view for his tiktok, he is really famous on tiktok he has more than five million followers. Mr Goodwin is an exuberant person that is why he does energetic tiktox, and that is also why he does crazy things like eat like a spider or blending sweet and sour things and has to drink it within 30 seconds. Today he is was going to do the most wildest thing ever to be done, he was going to blend 20 spicy bell peppers and eat it with in 6 seconds all the villagers in Samoan were telling him not to do it but didn’t care he said these specific words “ sorry but a tik tok gotta do what a tiktoker gotta do”. As soon as he finished blending the bell pepper he pressed record and immediately started drinking it. All the villagers were worried sick so they called an ambulance as soon as he finished he dropped to the ground. A few days later he woke up in the hospital. He looked at the TV and saw that he was on the news. All the reporters came up to him and asked questions about the bell peppers he said “ he apologised for all the mess he had made” and travelled back to New Zealand safely.


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