Samoan Flag! (Activity 1)

This is a poster about Samoa’s Flag and it represents. This poster is another Summer Learning Journey Teaser. Thank you for visiting my blog, can I just say that I am very proud to be samoan. Feel free to visit their site and sign up here is the link


One thought on “Samoan Flag! (Activity 1)

  1. Malo lava Legacy, lelei tele oe ma le fa’amatalaina o le tatou fu’a. Yes your family are very proud Samoans in our community who bless lots of people in our community! I see that this sense of community comes through your post too – you share the link for others to join the Summer Learning Journey. Malo lava!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your posts throughout the holidays.
    Alofa tele atu
    Mrs Tele’a

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