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Today for maths room 4 did a year 9 science experiment, and for the experiment we put 100g of water into a plastic cup and added 5g of sugar and see if it devoles or not, my sugar stopped at 110g, but according to google the highest is 200g. It was a very fun experiment to do and hope do more like it soon.

Term 4 DLO project

Talofa Lava, my name is Legacy, and I have created a Movie for our Term 4 DLO Projects. Our theme for this Term is – Mana Tu ~ Mitey You. Our Animation’s had to be about our hair,  and we had to talk about where our hair comes from. Everyone has to animate themselves going to a salon or barber to get their hair done. After we finished animating, we had to explain where we get our hair from and who in our family has the same type of hair as ourselves. (The site I used to edit my movie is called VEED.IO)

My Inspiration

My Father 


My dad is a father to 6 children including me, he was born on an island in Samoa called savaii and in savaii he lived in a small village in savaii called Taupuelele. My dad is the oldest of his 8 siblings so he has the responsibility of being the leader and role model to me, my siblings, cousin’s and his siblings. My dad is 45 years old and has a family of 8 including me and him (dad). My dad is the bishop of my church and so he has to look after all the members and people in my church. My dad works all day to provide for me and my family. That is why every time he comes home we always have food prepared for him.


My dad is my inspiration because he is very mature and responsible and looks after everyone in every way he can. I got inspired by him ever since he did something really incredible, here is this story on why my dad is my inspiration. 

When I was little about 4 or 5 years old one a Sunday morning me my family and my dad got up early for church when we got there we sat down on our chairs and then I look over to my dad he looked like he was writing something I asked what are you reading then he said he writing a talk for him and I said when are you doing it then he replied and said now I was confused then I looked at his book he had been writing on and it said 2 sentences then I asked him is that your talk and he said not because he hadn’t finished I asked him why and he said he had been very busy with work and family stuff so he couldn’t prepare his talk. Then I heard the bishop asking for my dad to come up now and with no hesitation my dad went up but while he was walking I noticed my dad left his paper on the chair. I rushed to give him it but he said no it was alright. I was confused as to why he said no. I sat down on the front row and listened to him talk. I was surprised that his talk was very beautiful. I looked around and saw everyone crying happy tears. After his talk he came down and sat with me. I asked him if he had memorised his talk and he said he talked from his heart. I hugged my dad tightly, my dad inspired me that day ever since that day I had learned to talk from the heart and walk the path your heart has chosen for you.