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Statistical Inquiry

Today for maths Room 4 did a task  where we had to compare sleeping hours to a variable  Gender,Age,Well being and height We also had to get in groups of 4 or 3 I was in a group of 3, it was me Lynette and Amira the variable my group and I had chosen Gender. One thing we had to do was collect our data from our class mates, Mr Georgia asked what is our sample size and we said that our sample size is 25 students all these students are in room 4, with 10 boys and 15  girls. After that we made a google form where we gave our class two options to choose whether they’re a girl or boy. After that we were told to make a blog post about what we did this week and what we learnt about it.

Term 3 Extension Project

Research 1 (Inspiration)

Research 2 (Example) 

This is my term 3 Extension project, this painting is based on a country called South Korea. Our theme this term is Artwork and that why we are doing art for our extension projects. If you look at the top there are two links, if you press on it, it will lead to google drawings and if you look at it carefully you’ll see that on the first link I got all sort of photos to inspire me  when I was drawing. Then on the second link if you press on it you’ll see that it look a little bit like my drawing thats what I was planning to do but then when I looked at the picture on my first research I got many other ideas, and with all the research I did I quite proud of myself for coming up with ideas for my art. It was hard at first but then once I got an idea I held onto it and made this drawing. Please remember to leave a comment on my blog.

Art Work Term 3

Talofa lava this is my Term 3 animation (DLO), It’s based on our theme for term 3 Art Works I have worked really hard and put all my effort in this animation. We had to create our own gallery’s based on what we love. If you’ve watched the animation you’ll probably see the famous painting The girl with the pearl earring I researched about the painting for about, 3 weeks and found really good information about it. Hope you enjoy my animation, I loved making this and hope to do a similar animation for next year, and next term. I was hard at first but as soon as I got hold of ideas I put my mind to it to complete it.  Thank you for watching my animation, please remember to leave a comment on my blog, (thanks again).