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Term 2 project for 2022, Ukutoia

This term we are learning about the history of New Zealand’s landmark’s. Miss West assigned us to make a google drawing or scratch project of what you think Panmure would’ve looked like when phones and computers weren’t made but also before Europeans arrived in New Zealand. Since there were no car’s people often used a waka to travel. People would make their tent near the sea so they could fish and collect water when they are hungry and thirsty. Here is my drawing on scratch of what I thought Panmure would look like, hope you like it.

Shreks About Me

Hello there my name is Shrek. I have a beautiful wife who is a Princess which means I am a prince. I have a Best Friend who is a donkey and his name is donkey. I am a very Green oger who has a big round tummy. I have two antennas on my head and I live in a village called far far away. I am very kind, I love to eat a lot of food as you can see, other creatures such as humans eat very differently from me but I don’t mind it. I live in a muddy swamp with a lot of slugs living in it. I have a really loud roar that can reach about five yard away. I love eating eyeball jam with toast, I love my three triplets and my loving wife who is also a kung fu master and I like having my best friend by my side everyday.

For this task we had to write an About me piece of writing for Shrek. We focused on promoting Shrek in a positive way.