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Term 3 Extension Project

Research 1 (Inspiration)

Research 2 (Example) 

This is my term 3 Extension project, this painting is based on a country called South Korea. Our theme this term is Artwork and that why we are doing art for our extension projects. If you look at the top there are two links, if you press on it, it will lead to google drawings and if you look at it carefully you’ll see that on the first link I got all sort of photos to inspire me  when I was drawing. Then on the second link if you press on it you’ll see that it look a little bit like my drawing thats what I was planning to do but then when I looked at the picture on my first research I got many other ideas, and with all the research I did I quite proud of myself for coming up with ideas for my art. It was hard at first but then once I got an idea I held onto it and made this drawing. Please remember to leave a comment on my blog.

Extension, Sub- topic Brainstorm

Good Morning viewers, today in extension we made a sub-topic brainstorm about locals areas and what we have found about them. My partner and I made a google slide and wrote down what locals we could do and what myths and legends we have found about the local areas. It isn’t quite finished yet but we are still trying to learn more new things about our local areas in Auckland. The first myth and legend we are doing are about  two princesses who are names Reipai and Reitu, the legend is based on a local area called Maungarei also know as mount wellington. Once we research more about the legend we will make a movie about it.

Term 2 project for 2022, Ukutoia

This term we are learning about the history of New Zealand’s landmark’s. Miss West assigned us to make a google drawing or scratch project of what you think Panmure would’ve looked like when phones and computers weren’t made but also before Europeans arrived in New Zealand. Since there were no car’s people often used a waka to travel. People would make their tent near the sea so they could fish and collect water when they are hungry and thirsty. Here is my drawing on scratch of what I thought Panmure would look like, hope you like it.