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Flying Car Simulation

For Extension this term we had to make a design of things that are futuristic and haven’t already been invented. Everyone had to choose one invention that they wanted to design, as you can probably tell I chose to make a flying car. In this presentation, it has pictures of my design and a description of how it will work, this was such a cool project especially because this is our last project for us yr 8’s. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Extension Project 2023


Today in Extension we start working on our projects for term 4. This terms theme is make it work, so for our projects we are learning about technology’s. The first thing we did was get into groups and writing down thing humans made to help other humans in the world. The second thing we did was write down futuristic things that we think could be helpful to people in the world. The next thing we did was make a presentation about what we wanted to design, I chose Flying cars. Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you have a good day!

Research on…

This is one of tasks we have to do for our Extension Project Rubric. We had to pick a  website that talks about fashion and we had to fill in the answers and highlight them. As you can see this is mine, it was really fun reasearching and learning more about other cultures and their traditional clothing. Doing this research my understaning of other cultures and their traditional clothing really strengthens.

My Extension Project

This week we started our Extension project for term 2. I chose to do a South Korean Hanbok, I am finally Finished. This is my Research: The Hanbok, is traditional Korean clothing. In Korean Hanbok means Korean Clothing. Children wear Hanbok on their first birthday and adults wear it for their wedding ceremony or major events within the family, including funerals. In the Joseon Dynasty were used to signify an individual’s gender, social class, marital status, and age. Hanbok can be worn by anyone, is it not only south Korea and north Korean. We had to focus on three things, Sustainability, Culture Appropriation and Social Consciousness. Here some of the things I have written . Sustainability: The material used to make the Hanbok is Silk and Cotton. Culture Appropriation: If you would like to wear a Hanbok you would have to wear it respectfully and wisely. Social Consciousness: The Hanbok can be worn anywhere, and used for anything like ceremonies or Halloween. Now I will be focusing on making a Hanbok for males.


Term 2 Extension project

For Extension we had to choose two fashion designs from different cultures or country. As you can see I chose the Tapa cloth and the Hanbok, from the country, Samoa and Korea. It was a lot of fun doing this and hope to do more of this, Thank you for visiting my blog. Remember to leave a comment down below, Have A Blessed Day!

Women’s Right’s Scratch Project

Talofa Lava my name is Legacy, and this is my Extension project for Term 1 2023. At the beginning of the year Mrs. Burton (Extension Teacher) gave a choice to pick any protest we wanted to make a scratch project on. If you’ve seen the title, the protest I chose was Women’s right. The reason why I chose it, was because I think that people all over the world should know about the Women’s Rights. If not for the Women’s Rights protest all the famous Women in the world would not be who they are here today, that’s why I am here to share it with you. (Refresh site to watch it again)

I Hope You Enjoy!


Extension Escape Room Plan

This term for extension Mrs West thought it would be a fun to make our own escape rooms to finnish of the year. For our escape rooms we got to choose between doing it online or doing it physically. Our group (Lynette, Amira, Zaria, Legacy and lilimay) chose to do it physically, this is our planning for our escape rooms. Planning this was very hard especially doing it in real life, but we all worked together to try and get it done, as you can tell by the slides we aren’t quite finished we are still getting all the decorations and stuff for the escape room. But once we are finished we will take pictures and post it on blogs for you guys to see.  Thank you for visiting my blog and I am looking forward posting more stuff for you guys to see, remember to leave a comment down below I love to hear some feedback from you guys. Ka Kite Ano, have a lovely day!

Term 3 Extension Project

Research 1 (Inspiration)

Research 2 (Example) 

This is my term 3 Extension project, this painting is based on a country called South Korea. Our theme this term is Artwork and that why we are doing art for our extension projects. If you look at the top there are two links, if you press on it, it will lead to google drawings and if you look at it carefully you’ll see that on the first link I got all sort of photos to inspire me  when I was drawing. Then on the second link if you press on it you’ll see that it look a little bit like my drawing thats what I was planning to do but then when I looked at the picture on my first research I got many other ideas, and with all the research I did I quite proud of myself for coming up with ideas for my art. It was hard at first but then once I got an idea I held onto it and made this drawing. Please remember to leave a comment on my blog.