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Willow Park

Yesterday morning everyone in team 5 came to school early and waited at the gate until they were open, and as soon as the gates opened everyone went inside the classes then went in the street and started chatting and admiring their friend’s clothes. After that we had to go to our classes and wait for everyone to go to the street and have a talk, while my class was waiting we saw room 5 going to the street so we went too. Everyone was sitting in the street listening to Mr Burt talking about our manners and other things. 

After that Mr Wiseman called out our room numbers to go on the bus. When we got there everyone sat down and listened to Chris and Sue. Next everyone went off and played. It was a lot of fun while we were playing. Some kids went to the bathroom to get changed into their togs because soon everyone in team 5 were going down to the beach to swim. 

Soon it was time for us to go down to the beach to swim. Of course not everyone wanted to swim, so they stayed back and just sat down and just started eating their snacks while watching the other people swimming. The highlight of the day was probably eating the hot dogs and hanging my friends, but the funniest highlight of the day was seeing team 5 falling off the big padding board.

Today we had to write a recount about what we did on the school trip that team 5 went on to Willow Park. It was really fun and cool especially playing with my friends at the park. Hope you enjoy remember to leave a comment down bellow.