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Explanation Writing

Title Benefits of Living in a 20 minute city
Introduction A 20 minute city is a small town and place where people or citizens can access their daily essentials within a 20 minute walk, cycle or by public transport. There are many benefits of living in a 20 Minute city.

1st element

Saving more money

In a 20 minute city, because everything is closer to your home you won’t need to use your car, meaning that you won’t have to pay any money for gas. The 20 minute city is promising to build affordable houses for families and whanau. They are willing to give good deals for houses, this is a very good thing especially for all the big families in the world. In the 20 minute city, you will save a lot of money.


2nd element

Healthier Environment

A 20 minute city is a healthy and safe environment, because all the shops and malls and other places are within a 20 minute range, therefore we won’t need a car to get to the place we would like to go. Meaning, there would be less air pollution, which also means that we have healthier air to breathe in. 


3rd element

Staying Active 

In a 20 minute city, it can help us have a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, because everything is within a 20 minute range, we can either walk or cycle. By doing this we are able to access our daily needs, and also get exercise at the same time. We are staying active by doing the things like, going on walks or riding a bike.

Conclusion A 20 minute city is promising less time spent in traffic, less noise pollution, and improvements in air quality. There are many benefits for us humans, those benefits can help us live a better and good life.

Fashion – Extension

Today at Extension we were given for topics Sustainability, Social Consciousness, Culture Appropriation, and Anything else, fashion and culture. We had to find the connection between those connections and fashion. It was kind hard but then one you get the hang of it and know what it means, then you’ll okay. Thank you for visiting my blog, Have a Good Day!

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Y7&8 Extension – Fashion

Timeline of Protests in New Zealand

Today for Extension, I had to look at different kinds of protest and research what date it ended and start, after that I had to put them all in order from the earliest to the latest. I worked in a group with Zaria and Lynette, this was a very fun activity and hope to do more like this. Remember to leave a blog comment down below I love feedback.