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My outfit design (Not Finnished)

This week we started our Etension project for term 2. This is wheere I’m at right now, I haven’t quite finnished but I’m getting there, I have chosen to do a outfit from Korea. Right now I’m just adding the patters to the Hanbok. Once I’m done I tink I might Just try add m0re and more detail to make it stick out. Thank you for visiting my blog, It was very fun making this! Have a great day!

Women’s Right’s Scratch Project

Talofa Lava my name is Legacy, and this is my Extension project for Term 1 2023. At the beginning of the year Mrs. Burton (Extension Teacher) gave a choice to pick any protest we wanted to make a scratch project on. If you’ve seen the title, the protest I chose was Women’s right. The reason why I chose it, was because I think that people all over the world should know about the Women’s Rights. If not for the Women’s Rights protest all the famous Women in the world would not be who they are here today, that’s why I am here to share it with you. (Refresh site to watch it again)

I Hope You Enjoy!


Samoan Flag! (Activity 1)

This is a poster about Samoa’s Flag and it represents. This poster is another Summer Learning Journey Teaser. Thank you for visiting my blog, can I just say that I am very proud to be samoan. Feel free to visit their site and sign up here is the link https://slj.manaiakalani.org


Where Angels Fear to Tread

Task 3:

Where angels fear to tread


This task is about reading to find information and make inferences.

Read ‘Where angels fear to tread’, then answer the following questions.




How old is Ngorongoro Crater?


The Ngorongoro Crater is two million years old, in the text it says “The crater is about  two million years old.




What word does the writer use in the middle of the story to indicate that he wasn’t scared of buffalo?


“Only” in the text it says “But they weren’t Lions ONLY Buffalo” 

c) What would have been a useful item to take on the walk to the lodge?
  Flashlight, so that they can see in the darkness, in the text it says “By now our eyes were used with darkness. In the text it also informs us that there was no moon and the stars were covered by the clouds.
d) Explain how the saying in the final line, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, goes with the story.

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” refers to a person who behaves impulsively; they don’t think before reacting. The saying goes with the story because a group of people, Halina and the speaker travel to Africa before knowing very little about it e.g. dangers, animals, people.


“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” This phrase goes with the story because in the story we read that the author and halina waved their hand to buffalos not knowing that the were very dangerous, they were being very foolish to travel to africa without knowing anything about the animals and how dangerous they are, which was very foolish of them. They were very lucky that the buffalo hadn’t gotten upset, if not the situation would have gotten out of hand and turned into a big tragedy . 


e) What two lessons could be gained from this story?

       i. Think before you react 

       ii. Always be prepared


Extension Escape Room Plan

This term for extension Mrs West thought it would be a fun to make our own escape rooms to finnish of the year. For our escape rooms we got to choose between doing it online or doing it physically. Our group (Lynette, Amira, Zaria, Legacy and lilimay) chose to do it physically, this is our planning for our escape rooms. Planning this was very hard especially doing it in real life, but we all worked together to try and get it done, as you can tell by the slides we aren’t quite finished we are still getting all the decorations and stuff for the escape room. But once we are finished we will take pictures and post it on blogs for you guys to see.  Thank you for visiting my blog and I am looking forward posting more stuff for you guys to see, remember to leave a comment down below I love to hear some feedback from you guys. Ka Kite Ano, have a lovely day!


Today for maths room 4 did a year 9 science experiment, and for the experiment we put 100g of water into a plastic cup and added 5g of sugar and see if it devoles or not, my sugar stopped at 110g, but according to google the highest is 200g. It was a very fun experiment to do and hope do more like it soon.