Term 4 DLO project

Talofa Lava, my name is Legacy, and I have created a Movie for our Term 4 DLO Projects. Our theme for this Term is – Mana Tu ~ Mitey You. Our Animation’s had to be about our hair,  and we had to talk about where our hair comes from. Everyone has to animate themselves going to a salon or barber to get their hair done. After we finished animating, we had to explain where we get our hair from and who in our family has the same type of hair as ourselves. (The site I used to edit my movie is called VEED.IO)

2 thoughts on “Term 4 DLO project

  1. Hi Legacy, I really loved your movie! This animation is so amazing. To be honest I am not surprise that you made this. This animation is a peace of art and I love the backgrounds that you made.

    It is so creative, In so many words I can’t even imagine how long it would take but my guesses are 2-3 days? or maybe more! This master piece should be viral! My questions to you are how long did it take you to animate this?

    Keep up the great work!

    Kindest regards <3
    From: Zaria

    1. Hello Zaria,Thank you for commenting on my blog, It was very kind of you to write this. It actually took me 2 weeks to do my animation, it was kind of hard because I had to draw the backgrounds and my person. But in the end I got it all done. Thank you again, for commenting on my blog this means a lot to me! God bless! and have a great day!

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