Dear Future Government…

Narrator – 1 Narrator – 2


  • Prime minister walks into his office and sees a letter from the kids of Pt England School –


Prime minister : Hm? What is this interesting letter?

  • The Prime Minister continues to open up the letter and says “ohhh?”


Dear Future Government 

On behalf of our school, we would like to thank you for everything you have done for us. But there are things that should be changed. Here are some things that us Pt England students would like to share with you, that we think should change…


Things that are important to ( 11- 13 yr olds)

We might look tough and that negative things can’t hurt us, but these hurtful words can really affect our mental health. Which is a problem for a lot of people and could lead to depression and trust issues. This nonsense needs to stop because this is actually a thing that happens to people on a daily basis!  

Issues that may be important to our parents, aunts, uncles and teachers.

A problem that may need to be solved is how older people have to take bigger responsibility by taking care of younger ones! But since the prices of most things have gone higher it may be hard. So this is one thing that needs to change back to its normal, Please make this happen! 

Issues that may be important to people who are retired (65+)

For retired people they might also need support in what they do. For example they may need help with things with taxes, insurance, and more. 

Issues that are important to toddlers. 

Toddlers can be really picky and spoiled throughout their childhood which stresses the parents! Here’s some advice that us Pt England students would like to share with you! First, 

You are doing an amazing job as our prime minister, all we ask is that you consider these things! Thank you, God Bless!

Your’s Truly, Pt England School.

Prime Minister: Wow! This letter is amazing,



Today in extension, we were working on our Manaiakalani film festival, we had to create a script. We all got put into groups in my group it was me, Amira, Eleni and Lynette and we all worked hard on this together. The script we created is all about problems and issues we think our future government should know about. Thank you for visiting my blog, Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


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