Immersion Assembly

This morning team 5 lined up to go to The Immersion Assembly in The Cloud,  as we got there most of Pt England were already sitting down. Then Mr Wiseman told us to sit down in our usual class lines, the assembly stared but time Mrs Nua lead it Mr Burt wasn’t there because he got lost in the toilet. It was funny because Mrs Nua called Mr Burt but instead the office answered and said that Mr Burt was in the toilet, after that Mrs Nua called Mr Jacobson and he said he was near the bike track and said he was lost so Mrs Nua helped him by telling him directions to the our assembly. When he go there Mrs Nua called Mrs McMillan, she said she was on the bottom field. Mrs Nua gave directions to the assembly to like she did to Mr Jacobson. After that all the Teams had videos that were related to what they were learning this term, my favourite item was team 5 because it was really funny how Mrs Ilaoa and Mrs Hall spilt water on Miss Stefefano and Miss Tipene. I am looking forward for this term, remember to leave a comment down below.


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